Chérie, Tuna Topping Shrimp in Gravy (Hairball Control Series) - 24 cans/ctn


Selected natural tuna flakes with delicious gravy give your cat a yummy and healthy feast. Specially add hairball control formula to help reduce hairball formation, reduce odour and maintain healthy digestion. Chérie – Hairball Control Series lets you indulge your cat with the taste of savoury food while controlling hairballs.

Tuna, Shrimp, Thickening agents, Cellulose fiber, Calcium sulfate, Fructo oligosaccharide/ Inulin, Taurine, Water

Crude Protein (min) 11%
Crude Fat (min) 0.15%
Crude Fiber (max) 1.5%
Crude Ash (max) 2%
Moisture (max) 87%

Best at room temperature. Refrigerate unused portion. Always provide access to clean, fresh water.

Note: This is to be fed in addition to a complete pet food

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