About Us

We love our dogs and cats. They have become a significant part of our family. We want to give the best that we can within our earning power and knowledge to them.

Being the Singaporeans that we are, our food is important to us. As such, we also attach the same importance of food for our dogs and cats. We believe strongly that in order for our dogs and cats to thrive in our modern society, they must also eat well, sleep well, play well and of course poo well (did you think we would give up the chance not to mention poo - afterall, this is how we know as fur-parents the food that they are consuming and the status of their overall health)

Can & Clover was started in 2012 with the simple aim to share our understanding of the type of food/treats/toys available and good for our furkids. During our search for brands and products for dogs and cats, we place a strong emphasis on the manufacturers' integrity and strength in safety. As such, we are happy to include products and brands that do not have a product recall in their years of operations. In addition, these brands source and make/manufacture the products they sell in their own factories - this means a total control over raw materials and the manufacturing process.

All of these facts are important to us as fur-parents and we hope you share these same checkpoints when choosing the most appropriate products for your fur-kids.