Chérie, Unscented Clumping Natural Wood Cat Litter


Chérie cat litter is a more environmental friendly solution for your cat litter needs. It is made with 100% virgin timber with clumping function from sustainable managed forest. We believe every step that we make by using a sustainable product can help our environment and the world we share with our cats. You can feel good using Chérie cat litter as you are taking a small step towards the good health of your cat, a cleaner home and a greener environment. Cherie Clumping 5USP

 Cherie Clumping benefits

Made in Germany


Cherie Healthy Home Wood cat litter is a much healthier alternative for both cats and their owners. Wood is a natural product and it is dust free. The dust from clay litters can cause respiratory problems in both animals and humans; not to mention the mess the clay dust can leave in the house once it settles on furniture.  Chérie litter is a wood product and it does not contain any chemicals that could cause health problems for animals and humans.


Cherie Absorbent Chérie wood based cat litter is up to 4 times absorbent than clay on a per-pound basis, which means you'll use less, and shop less. Better absorbency also helps eliminate litter box odour more quickly.


Cherie_OdourControl Wood has a naturally pleasing scent and it overpowers the smell of urine that causes the majority of litter box odours. The wood clumps hold in the smell and bacteria well, hence great odour control.


Cherie_LowTracking Chérie clumping pine cat litter is irregularly shaped but with ROUND edges. This is more comfortable to step on and will not stick to the cat's paws. This means the cat can't bring the pellets out of the litter box.


Wait until litter clumps are dried, scoop up clumps to throw away. If you dispose clumps via toilet bowl, please remember to only dispose one clump at a time. 


Cherie Biodegrateable

A bigger-picture benefit is that wood cat litter is environmentally friendly. Wood is a natural and biodegradable product, and wood litter is made by using wood scraps that would otherwise go to waste, so these products are really a win-win for cat owners and the planet. The litter’s biodegradable nature creates another benefit: less waste build-up in landfills.


Pour 2~3 cm of Chérie Clumping Unscented Natural Wood Cat Litter into a litter box. Then, pour 3~6 cm of your old litter on top. From 2nd time you change the litter box, use the same amount of Chérie, but less of your old litter. Repeat for another 3~5 litter changes, lessening the amount of your old litter each time. This time round, use only Chérie. Your cat should be used to it now, sometimes some cats will need a little more time. In most cases, if you go slowly enough, your cat won’t even realize a change is taking place.


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