The Cat Tongue - Bowl

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Handmade and imported from Japan. Our custom design incorporates special functions and aspects for efficient feeding. Perfect for Senior cats and messy eaters. Created by master artisans practicing traditional pottery techniques, using custom clay and glaze. Lead and Cadmium free, FDA approved, no BPA or phthalate.

Fine and Exquisite Japanese Ceramics

The CAT TONGUE is created by quality workmanship. Master craftsmen of legendary Seto ceramics in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, specialize in a thousand year old art of traditional pottery techniques. The applied clay is a pure form of earth from Seto City, one of three high quality clay deposits in the world.

The CAT TONGUE has undergone official examination for Lead and Cadmium. Under compliance by US FDA standards and Japan Ministry of Health & Welfare.


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This cat bowl came about because in fostering 10 stray cats over a period of 3 years, the fosterer was unable to find a bowl that could work with all 10 stray cats due to some cats having no teeth, their whiskers touching the bowl, messy eaters, some cats needing specific diet etc.

This was how the CAT TONGUE was born - designed and hand made in Japan.

The clipped ear represents our Designer's commitment to "catch and release" programs and the efforts to provide a warm home for stray cats.

In keeping with how the CAT TONGUE design came about, for every cat bowl bought. Can & Clover will also be donating 4 cans of canned food to a cat charity/shelter here in Singapore.

"Purrfect For Messy Eaters"


"Bowl Wouldn't Move Away"

When eating canned food, Esta uses her tongue to push up food into her mouth, causing her old bowl to move away. Food would get stuck in the corners of the bowl, and she wouldn't eat it. But with CAT TONGUE, Esta has an easy time eating all food thanks to the angles and slopes. No food is left behind! And the bowl won't move away from her when eating. I'm impressed! ~ Yasu & Esta ~ Haleiwa, Hawaii
Mfg Country: Japan
Mfg Process: By Hand
Size: L6.25in x W5.75in x H1.75in
Material: Ceramic
Colour: Huntington White
Net Food Cap: 1/4 cup (2oz or 4 tbsp)
Heat Resistant Temp:

356 Degree F (180 Degree C)

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe