Young Again Cat Food - Why Free Choice Feeding?

The best way and the only way we recommend feeding any of the Young Again foods is, Free-Choice Abundance Feeding (FCAF). FCAF is easy for you and the best way to ensure that your cat will not overeat. Overeating will always lead to obesity and will greatly increase the likelihood of your cat developing a more serious condition like diabetes, kidney disease, stones and or crystals.
You need at least one bowl of food for every cat in the house. The bowl must be 8-10 inches across and about 1 inch deep. A standard 9 inch pie plate you can buy anywhere is perfect. Do not use those cute, little 4 inch cat dishes they sell everywhere. Water can be in any size bowl you want but we recommend bigger the better.
You must put 2 full 8oz cups of food in each bowl. The bowl must never be allowed to be less than half full at any given time; never. If you have to fill the bowl more than every 3 days then you need more food in the bowl.
Each bowl must be placed around the house so that when a cat is standing at any one bowl they will not be able to see any other cat, at any of the other bowls. Place bowls in different rooms and floors for best results.
That’s it follow these simple rules and you will have a happy healthy house and here is the reason why. Cats are fiercely independent; they are not pack animals. They live in the wild, by themselves, except when mating or raising kittens. In the wild when they are hungry to go hunting. In the home if the bowl is half empty they think the food supply has dried up and they are going to starve. They are naturally independent and can’t reason out that you are going to show up and fill the bowl again. So they do the only thing they can do and that is to eat as much of the dwindling food supply as they can before one of the other cats does the same thing. They will over eat a dwindling food supply even if they are not hungry, in the hopes that sometime in the future things will get better.

We know this is a different way to feed your cat, but when feeding Young Again Cat Food, it is the best way. Please read our paper on obesity/overeating in cats.
Before and during use, please close bag securely and shake to evenly distribute the external flavoring, probiotics and enzymes that settled during shipping.