Young Again Cat Food - Why Free Choice Feeding?

Please trust us. We know how cats will do their very best when fed our food. Young Again MUST be “free-choice fed” which is completely different than any other cat food you’ve ever purchased. Follow these simple guidelines on Free-Choice Feeding for a smooth transition to Young Again Cat Food.

What is the best method to transition my cat to Young Again?

If your cat likes our food, simply take away their old food and replace it with Young Again. We recommend FREE-CHOICE FEEDING which means your cat always has a full bowl of food.

DO NOT Mix Young Again with other CAT foods.

Most companies recommend a gradual change over, but mixing foods makes the food smell strange. It’s not like your cat’s regular food and it’s not a new food. Mixing foods will also cause litter box issues like soft stool.

All cats (with the exception of sick or neurotic individuals) should be free-choice FED with Young Again foods. This means that all cat types and weights must have a full bowl of food available at all times. It is important that all cats feel there is an endless supply of food. Each bowl must be large enough to hold at least two full cups of food.If you are adding food to your bowls each day, the bowl is not large enough. Your cat won’t get fat if they are free-choice fed Young Again.  Animal protein digests at the same rate that your cat can use it to meet their energy needs. When your cat’s diet is made from meat and fat and contains less than 5% carbs, your cat will not overeat when free-choice fed.

Cats will eat up to 50% less of our food, but it will take 3-5 days for their system to regulate. During that time they will sometimes have a softer stool, but this will stop as their system acclimates to eating the proper amount. If soft stool continues for more than two weeks, please contact us at

How do I know if my cat is eating enough?

If your cat does not keep you up at night pestering you for food and there is poop in the litter box, your cat is getting enough food. Your cats are not eating less because they don’t like the food, they are eating less because they are satisfied. If your cat walks up to the food and walks away without eating, it does not mean that they don’t like the food. How many times have you walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge, saw nothing interesting and walked away? Were you hungry or just bored? This can also mean your cat is full, but the habit of eating more still brings them to the bowl. Because Young Again is nutrient dense, cats just don’t need to eat as much. Your cat will eat very small meals (five to six pieces of kibble at a time) eight to 12 times per day. This is how cats eat in the wild and it’s the best way for your domestic cat to eat, too.

How long will the food stay fresh in the feed dish?

Some people will put out just enough food for their cats to eat each day so it will be fresh. This method will cause your cat to overeat and gain weight and/or have soft stool. Always keep your cat’s dish full.

Young Again will be just fine in the food bowl for up to 21 days, however, we recommend a new bowl every 10 days.

Flavor & your cat

While the vast majority of cats will readily eat Young Again, there are still some holdouts. If you are having difficulty, please call us.  We can offer suggestions and send you a tasty flavor pack to assist with your cat’s transition to Young Again Cat Food.

Treats & your cat

Feeding your cat high-carb treats will undo the benefits they get from eating Young Again Cat Food. It can also cause cats to overeat which can lead to loose stool or diarrhea. Try our low-carb cat treat – CarnivoreYUMS.

If you have a multiple cat household:

Even though your cats may appear to get along, they will almost always have competition issues with household food. For the most part, every cat thinks all the food in the house belongs to her. Cats are fiercely independent and prefer to rely on themselves for all their needs; especially food. Since they can’t hunt, many cats constantly worry about their next meal and eat food any time they see another cat eating or when the bowl is half empty. Most cats will eat what remains in their food bowl just in case it’s their last meal. In a cat’s mind, your absence means they may never eat again.These behaviors along with the extraneous carbohydrates in most cat foods will contribute to 60% of all cats becoming overweight.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix. Put out one bowl of our food and a bowl of water for each cat in your household and place them in different parts of the house. Always keep the bowls full (no half bowls allowed). It is important that each bowl cannot be seen from any of the other bowls. Privacy is very important to all cats. Put the dishes out of the way, under desks, behind furniture or around a corner; cats like small places. Follow these simple steps when feeding Young Again and you’ll enjoy a calm, happy home with no fat kitties.

Why is my cat throwing up?

Only a few cats will overeat a new food to the point of vomiting (generally whole pieces of food), but it might be a good idea to watch your cat when you first put the new food in front of them. If your cat starts to eat and consumes more than 15 pieces of food; simply walk over, pick your cat up, carry them to another room and distract them with attention or playtime. They will feel that they are full by the time playtime is over and the next time they are hungry, the food will not be such a novelty so they will be less likely to overeat. Another reason for vomiting is from a hairball (trichobezoar) in the stomach. Vaseline or hairball gel can help your cat work the hairball out.

Food Allergy or IBS?

Food vomited up from the stomach may have a more noxious odor to it from the gastric juices. If it is almost all liquid and dissolved food with little or no whole food pieces, then a food allergy or IBS may be suspected. However, IBS often gets better when your cat is eating our food. If it is a food allergy, your cat will not get better and changing to another food may be recommended. It could also be that a foreign object is causing a blockage. Any sort of blockage needs to be dealt with quickly by a qualified veterinarian.

By choosing to feed your cat a diet tailored to carnivores, you’re providing the foundation for a healthy and happy cat. And a happy cat makes for a happy home.